Encik Mohammad – Liver cancer

Encik Mohammad, aged 55 years, is a retired civil servant. His condition was diagnosed in September 2017. Before that he did not know he had the disease. He went to the hospital for skin treatment as his facial complexion was so dark, the skin of his hands and feet were cracked so was his tongue. He was only given some type of cream. This went on for 3 years.

It was only after a CT scan that he was diagnosed with Stage 2 liver cancer. He was informed that the only option was for him to undergo surgery to remove the tumour near his liver. While waiting for the date of his surgery, a friend recommended Kiseki to him. So he started consuming Kiseki about one month before his surgery up to the day of his surgery. He did not take any other medication. The doctor told him that his surgery was quite miraculous as there was no excessive bleeding and as a result he did not require any blood transfusion.

After having started consuming Kiseki, he felt his body is fresher, more energetic and he regained his appetite. Also his cracked tongue healed after a while and he regained his sense of taste.

He is still consuming Kiseki to this day and he has recommended this product to his friends as well. The most significant change after consuming Kiseki is his complexion – from dark to bright, not 100% but 80%.

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