Fermented Green Papaya in Kiseki

In this modern day and age when most of us lead hectic lifestyles and work and family stress come with the territory, the aftermath of this COVID-19 pandemic adds to the inevitable oxidative stress and free radical exposure to our body.

The main thing you can do to minimize the effects of oxidative stress is to increase your levels of antioxidants to reduce the formation of free radicals in your body. Eating 5 servings of raw organic fruits and vegetables everyday are enough to maintain one’s health but most people are unable to get 5 servings of raw organic fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. Moreover, for a person who is ill, 5 servings will

This is where KISEKI can help fill this gap. One of KISEKI’s active ingredients is derived from organic, non-GMO green papaya.

Our proprietary fermentation method ensures optimal extraction of high antioxidant metabolites from our green papaya. All of the beneficial phytonutrients from the green papaya have been retained and amplified through our extraction method. Absorption rate is increased many folds as a result of the extraction as well. This is why people feel the difference after taking only a 30ml dosage twice or three times a day

The high antioxidant metabolites from our green papaya increases protection against the oxidative effect in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc. and improve skin appearance and elasticity. Other benefits include anti-aging, better immunity against bacterial and viral infection, slows down vision degeneration, speeds up the healing process, reduces cancer risk and provides good support to cancer patients.

A study was conducted using fermented green papaya extract to investigate its effectiveness in prevention of tumour growth in the breast initiated by hormonal imbalances. Female mice were injected with high levels of 2 types of female sex hormones to mimic hormonal imbalances that are often found in females who have higher risk of breast cancer and benign breast disease. The result was that oxidative stress was reduced within the DNA biochemical pathway – the faulty DNA pathway could be corrected. In the study, an oxidative stress marker named ‘8-oxo-dG’ was reduced, oxidative DNA damage was prevented, and the initiation of tumour growth was reduced. This means that when you have a strong gene for a certain disease or cancer from your family, it is still possible to lower your risk by consuming KISEKI.

We believe that good results can only stem from using the best raw materials. To this end, we only source for organic, non-GMO papaya. Although it is difficult to find farmers who are dedicated to their principles to ensure the quality of their produce, we feel that it is worth the extra effort as we only want to deliver the best to our customers. Our green papaya is free from toxic chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and petroleum-based fertilizers resulting in a better-quality raw material that is richer in nutrients which culminates in a product (KISEKI) that delivers optimal health benefits.

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