Mr. Cheah – Thyroid Cancer

Mr. Cheah was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in January 2016 and had a total thyroidectomy very soon after. In April, he had his first radioiodine (RAI) treatment. A scan in October 2016 showed an uptake in his neck region and he had to undergo his second RAI in May 2017. Unfortunately, his doctor still found an uptake in his neck region and he was scheduled for a CT scan in July 2017.

He started taking Kiseki one month before the CT scan and when he got his CT scan report, the scan showed nothing … there was no tumour. He went for a blood test in November 2017 and TG (thyroid cancer marker) was undetectable. His doctor told him he was cured. He also shared Kiseki with his wife and after two weeks, he could see a difference in his wife’s face. It had a healthy glow. It was the same for him. The face cannot lie. He has since gained weight after taking Kiseki and is very happy with the product.

For more on the Hatsuno™ Kiseki Experiences visit our YouTube channel here.

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