Ms. Chong – General Well-being

Ms. Chong, aged 61 years, started drinking Kiseki at the time when it was just newly created and Pak Soo was still tweaking the formula. Initially, production was low and there was usually not enough stock to go round so she had to wait for those people with serious ailments to take their stock first because she was only consuming Kiseki for maintenance of health. It was only after production has ramped up that she started consuming 25 mL of Kiseki Royale twice a day. As she does not have any health issues, she did not experience any kind of miraculous recovery. The healing occurred gradually.

However, she noticed that she hardly get colds and coughs now when she used to get them every other month before starting to consume Kiseki on a regular basis. She used to suffer from motion sickness and could not read in a moving vehicle because it made her feel faint and nauseated. She also used to experience pain in the soles of her feet when she stepped on the ground. After drinking Kiseki for a while, she no longer has these problems.

Her friends often asked her where she gets her abundant energy from and she attributed it to Kiseki because she does not take any supplements. Some friends also commented that she does not look her age so that is definitely another very good reason to consume Kiseki!

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