Our Story

Kiseki was developed out of the necessity to heal oneself; combining the passion for wellness with traditional and modern scientific knowledge.

Witnessing how Kiseki has given a better quality of life to so many, it has become our sole purpose to ensure we continue to improve the lives of others through nutrition.

At Bioremeds, we believe in the inherent coexistence between people and our planet. What started off as a need to pursue the work of healing mother nature from decades of destruction due to human activities has led us to the realization of the urgent necessity to also explore the wellness of society.

Unbeknownst to most of us, as society advances, we have been exposed to harmful and oftentimes toxic materials that have been bioaccumulating in our system such as asbestos and radioactive materials to the unassuming styrofoam containers that have adverse effect on our health in the long run.

Today we are ever more committed to the research and enhancement of Kiseki with the better understanding of nutrition as well as to provide you with a more informed platform to educate as many of you as possible about the relationship between nutritional healing and Kiseki.

New Leaf, New Name

On our Kiseki journey where understanding the fundamentals of immune health is even more important than ever before, we have developed an enhanced range of products to meet your every need. As we have taken Kiseki to a whole new level, it is only fitting to give it a new name to reflect this change.

Introducing the latest generation of Kiseki

Welcome to the future of nutritional health.

As many of you may already know Kiseki means Miracle in Japanese and now, by adding the word Hatsuno  which means “First”, we are very excited with what is to come in the very foreseeable future where many more firsts will be introduced.

A Fresh Look

Our entire packaging was redesigned to pay homage to our parents. They have instilled in us strong principles and integrity and it is with these tenets that Bioremeds functions and conducts its day-to-day operations.

It has been a lifelong dream of our parents to own a house by a lake to retire to and the entire label honours that by depicting the lake in front of the house and a hill behind it just like how they have always expressed to us.

The design of the label also incorporates traditional Japanese design patterns that pay tribute to where we acquired the art of our craft.

Our Commitment

Since the creation of Kiseki, we have strived to engage with individuals, non-profit organizations and religious bodies to provide a meaningful alternative to the mainstream health practitioners with regards to the overall wellbeing and nutritional healing of those in need.

We will always strive to inspire hope and contribute to your health and wellbeing by providing the best knowledge we have and to give back to society in any way we can. That is our commitment to you.

Beyond Nutrition & Kiseki

Throughout the years, we recognized that the journey to health is never a singular pursuit but a collective effort with loved ones and caregivers involved. Empowering those that are in this together with the knowledge that is needed is also key to a better quality of life for all. We are continuously working very hard to accelerate and amplify the support that we have existing and will soon be engaging with medical professionals who specializes in mental health and support for those who are in need.

Stay tuned for more.


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