Pastor Lydia – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A year before she was introduced to Kiseki, Pastor Lydia’s health was deteriorating. She had bad muscular cramps all over her body and a lot of infections. There came a point when she felt so tired, it was as though her life was slipping from her hands. She was in and out of clinics. No medication worked for her. She had diarrhoea for 9 days during her holiday in Korea and when she came back she was down with running nose and flu for 3 weeks followed by swollen thyroid gland. Then she started menstruating again, which frightened her as her sister died of uterine cancer. A visit to her GP scared the hell out of her and she vowed not to see a doctor again.

Her sister introduced her to Kiseki as it helped with her bowel problems. She started taking Kiseki Classic but did not feel much difference so she tried Kiseki Royale. After just half a bottle of Kiseki Royale, she felt a sudden improvement in her health and a month later, she was given a clean bill of health. Now she feels more energetic, humongous energy! Even the pitch of her voice has improved and she recommends that people who are consuming wine, to switch to Kiseki!

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