What are Postbiotics?

Transcending Prebiotics and Probiotics

Kiseki Postbiotics & Probiotics

Our postbiotic drink contains metabolites consisting of various nutrients, amino acids, antimicrobial peptides, short chain fatty acids, hydrogen peroxide, carbohydrate–active enzymes and organic acids whereas probiotic products introduce limited and specific strains of living organisms.

Our postbiotics can stimulate growth of your gut’s native beneficial probiotics resulting in a rich and diverse gut microbiome, optimizing your immune system. Synergistically with its great variety of metabolites it has proven effective against a wide range of ailments.

Probiotics in general do not work for every illness. Its limitation is that it is required to match the symptom to the strain.


Most supplements will only take effect if the body can absorb it. Micronutrients which are commonly sold are often difficult for the body to absorb due to its low bioavailability.

The low molecular weight and high bioavailability of our postbiotics derived from plant-based extracts are instrumental in delivering proven benefits.


With Kiseki postbiotics, there is no need for our consumers to undergo a long digestion period as it directly supplies your body with a plethora of beneficial metabolites, right from the moment you consume it, as evidenced in rapid recovery from myriad ailments by our consumers.

For probiotics to be effective, it must first survive through your stomach and bile acid, after which it must colonise your microbiome. The host is then required to consume a wide array of fruits and vegetables which constitute prebiotics to produce metabolites.


Taking probiotics when you are on an antibiotic course will kill most of the beneficial bacteria. You are also required to time your consumption of antibiotics and probiotics separately. This is to give sufficient time for the antibiotics to work its course without killing off the beneficial bacteria.

Antibiotics do not affect the efficacy of postbiotics as they are not strains of living bacteria.

Immune System

If you have a weakened immune system or leaky gut, you may want to avoid probiotics. You would be more susceptible to infections if these bacteria get into your bloodstream.

Taking postbiotics stimulates growth of your body’s diverse healthy gut bacteria for an optimal immune system and coherently  boost your body’s innate ability to heal itself through the restorative power of nutrition.

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